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I recorded these tracks at one of the Sunday

afternoon Blues Jams (in June 2013).

The House band, the Wan-Tu Blues Band)

starts the festivities at 3pm...

The Wan-Tu Blues Band has:

Peter Zona on the Harmonica, MC 

Chris Noyes on Guitar

David Guilmette on Bass

and, Bobby on Drums 

...we all sing! 

Play Come Back, Baby...

Play Katey May

Play Fast, in the Slow Lane

Play I Just Want to Make Love 2 You

Wantu Bles jam with Travis Colby...
Shirley Lewis - rest in peace
performing with Chris and the Wan-tu Blues Band

I will be using this space to host a blog about playing blues and jamming...

I think I will call it "blogjam." Yes, it will be that.